Homework 2 — Paint a painting


Inspiration art:

I choose these images because I thought the concept of a sunset would allow for a smooth conversion to code. Although my favorite artist is Eric Pollard, his designs are a lot more complex than my abilities within code. Although I would’ve loved to recreate some of his art, I wasn’t able to see how I would go about recreating it. Whereas I understood how I could redesign a sunset using code the moment I came across these paintings. My approach to converting these images to code started with me dissecting both the shapes and colors of these images, especially the final one, which allowed me to clearly block off the colors of the sun against those of the ocean. I really tried to go beyond the rectangles and ellipse codes by trying to recreate the sailboat pictured in the first image, however, I struggled with finding the right order of code and axis positions to make something that looked somewhat similar, so I ended up compromising without the boat.

‘Sailboat Sunset’ by artist Skye Pratt
Ocean Sunset’ by artist Iryna Kastsova
‘Minimalist Sunset III’ by artist Kristian Gallagher



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